Be Kind To Your Neighbors

We Are Stronger Together

At Kindness Mask, our mission is to reduce the spread of illness between neighbors, friends, frontline workers, and community members.

When we heard about the mask shortage in the US, we wanted to help where we could.  We heard from our nursing friends that they had been issued only one mask per day.  We heard from friends around the country who need them to do home health care, or mental health counseling.  Once we understood that the need was urgent, we started calling contacts around the world, and within weeks, had registered with the FDA and airlifted surgical masks into the US. The price for a box of 50 masks is $50.

Whether you buy a box of three ply surgical grade masks for yourself, for a family member, an at-risk neighbor or a frontline worker, a portion of profits will be donated to 501c3 charities, including food banks

Do Your Part To Stop The Spread

Kindness Mask

The CDC recommends wearing a mask as part of your social distancing protocol. There are many reasons to wear one – you may know a nurse who needs a supply, want to donate to a local school who is serving lunches, or need them to use as a curtesy to others when you are out running essential errands. Our high quality, disposable 3 ply medical grade masks are soft, breathable, and comfortable, making it easy for you to add mask wearing to your daily life.

1800 Masks
as of 5-14-20

Disposable Three Ply Quilted Rectangular Face Mask

  • Soft quilted material
  • Three ply design is comfortable and breathable
  • Flexible elastic bands
  • Designed for one-time use
  • One package of 50 masks per box
  • $1/mask ($50/box)

Need Bulk Masks for your Business or Organization?

Drop Us A Line And Let Us Know What You Need.

We are happy to serve nonprofits, mental health and addiction facilities, healthcare facilities, and any of our front line workers Including grocery stores.

Community Resources

Mask Wearing Resource Guides

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Bulk Orders

If you need larger quantities, please email us at [email protected]. We are happy to help and to offer discounts to non-profits, health-care organizations, and those on the front lines.


We’ve already donated masks to Iredell Statesville Schools meal assistance program, the Ada Jenkins Center, and healthcare workers at Atrium, Novant, Wake Forest Med, and two different home health care agencies in NC. We will update this page, as we donate to additional organizations.

Our Costs

In the midst of a crisis, sometime fast action is needed. These masks are needed now: we wanted to make sure we were bringing in a high-quality product as fast as possible. In order to make our FDA Certified surgical masks available now, we’ve had to expedite production and airlift them to our US facility. Our limited number of masks are available to ship to you now, not months from now. We hope to be able to bring in a container later this summer and take advantage of volume discounts.